Welcome to Kalibari Mayur Vihar Samity

Mayur Vihar is a residential area situated in the eastern part of Delhi, across the Yamuna River of the main city of Delhi. The area was developed by Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in 1980, mainly organized into Pockets I to V with residential flats. First immigrants were mainly in Pocket I and Pocket II in early 1980s. Many Bengali families also shifted their dwelling to this colony by 1981. Like other Indian communities, Bengalis also love to remain socially active by celebrating their traditional religious and cultural activities. These activities help the families to bind together and also inculcate greater sense of cultural values among the younger generations.

In the year 1981, by God’s blessings, thirty-seven Bengali families living in the colony came together and met at the residence of Mr. A K Mukherjee (64B, Pocket I) with a common objective. The objective is to celebrate Bengali festivals to keep them connected with the Bengali culture. The meeting was fruitful and joint effort from the family members of all these thirty-seven families made it possible to organize the first Saraswati Puja in 1982. This was followed by other major pujas, Durga Puja and Kali Puja was also celebrated that year with equal enthusiasm and devotion. These events were organized in temporary places, such as in the park of Pocket I and II. The need of that hour was to find a permanent place for organizing these activities. An auspicious idea developed and it was decided to finalize a permanent spot to build the home for Goddess Kali. A supervising committee was formed to work towards the new goal, to construct Kali Bari.

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